One of Stephen King’s best recent novels is being made into a show for MGM+

MGM+ has ordered an eight-episode series based on Stephen King’s 2019 novel. Institute, Deadline reported this week. The novel follows the plight of 12-year-old Luke Ellis and a group of other children with telepathic and telekinetic abilities who are kidnapped and held captive in an institution deep in the Maine woods where their powers are exploited. Their story intertwines with that of ex-cop Tim Jamieson. I loved this one when it came out, and as a lifelong King reader hardened to the disappointment of terrible adaptations, I choose to remain hopeful.

All we know about the cast so far is that it includes Ben Barnes (Shadow and Bone) as Jamieson and Mary-Louise Parker (weeds) as the villainous Mrs. Sigsby, according to Deadline. The show features Benjamin Cavell as writer and executive producer. Cavell led the 2020s Stand miniseries remake, which… well, happened. Yet here we remain with hope. Production begins later this year in Nova Scotia.

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