Picsart and Getty are making an AI image generator entirely trained on licensed content

Getty has partnered with popular photo editing platform Picsart to create an AI image generator. . The companies call it a “responsible, commercially safe” alternative to existing platforms. Model-generated images will have full commercial rights, which should alleviate concerns about AI-generated images violating copyright laws.

The service will only be available to paid Picsart subscribers, and everything is remembered . This generator is also trained on stock images, . Adobe recently angered users by updating its terms of service to say it can access and use people’s work to train artificial intelligence models. The company quickly changed its terms of service .

Picsart and Getty hope to avoid any backlash by sticking to fully licensed stock images, so regular Picsart users won’t risk having their creations hijacked by models for training and posterity purposes. “This allows creators to realize their vision while maintaining the highest standards of commercial security,” Getty Images CPO Grant Farhall wrote in a blog post.

For those concerned about the work of professional photographers, Getty also does justice to it. We contacted the company, and a representative said it “compensates creators who enter the database on an annual basis.” At least that’s something!

The Picsart x Getty Images model is due out later this year, though there’s no specific launch date. It will be available through Picsart’s API services.

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