Apple seems to have persuaded OpenAI to work for exposure

It was recently shut down at Apple annual conference for developerscompany announced has teamed up with OpenAI to bring its technology to the iPhone and its other devices. It’s easy to imagine large amounts of money changing hands in a deal between a giant corporation and a company. a fast-rising technology company. But according to the new Bloomberg In the report, no one paid anyone in that partnership. Apple is reportedly not paying OpenAI because it believes that getting its technology in front of hundreds of millions of users is equal to or better than any kind of monetary payment.

Apple will use OpenAI GPT-4o A model for powering AI tasks in iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia. For example, Siri will Tap into ChatGPT capabilities if users ask it to generate menu ideas, summarize articles, or find photos based on their content description. Apple’s writing tools can also use ChatGPT to write stories, as well as rewrite and proofread existing text. Users will be able to use these features without signing in or paying for ChatGPT, but if they pay for a Plus account, they get access to additional bonuses.

whom Bloomberg OpenAI points out that it can monetize the deal by persuading Apple users to pay $20 per month for ChatGPT Plus. If those users sign up for an Apple device, then the iPhone maker will also receive a commission. In the future, Apple intends to generate more revenue from artificial intelligence by entering into revenue sharing agreements with its partners, the news organization reports. It aims to earn a share of what those partners earn by monetizing results on chatbots in Apple’s operating systems, as it believes more and more users will turn to AI over search engines. This means he may earn less than his long-term (and lucrative) job. Search agreement with Google.

Apple has yet to announce future AI partners, but it is reportedly in talks with Google to offer Gemini integration to iOS users later this year. It’s also talking to Anthropic to offer its Claude AI chatbot as another option.

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