Amazon’s Kindle Scribe drops to a record low of $240

People who wait for a good deal before you take it , the company’s first Kindle with stylus support, now might be your time. It’s on the device . That’s 29 percent off the regular price for the base model with the Core Pen and 16GB of storage. In addition, there is an option where you can top up, including three months of Kindle Unlimited. This but if you don’t want to continue using it, remember to cancel Kindle Unlimited before the end of three months (the service usually costs $12 per month).


Amazon Kindle Scribe is down to its lowest price ever.

$240 on Amazon

This is an important issue to consider here it is supposed to take place in July. This mega sale always includes steep discounts on Amazon’s own products. While $240 is the best deal we’ve seen for the Kindle Scribe, it’s likely that the price will drop a few days in July.

That said, a $100 discount is nothing to sniff at for our selection around. The 10.2-inch touch screen has auto-adjusting front lights to facilitate use in different lighting conditions. The stylus and tablet combine to deliver a low-latency typing experience that makes typing on the device feel more natural. You can create multiple notebooks by adding pages as you see fit.

The Kindle Scribe’s battery can power the device for months between charges because the E Ink screens are incredibly efficient. You can, of course, read e-books from Amazon and Amazon Unlimited. You can also listen to audiobooks thanks to Audible and Bluetooth support.

On the downside, we were a bit annoyed by the inability to write notes in the margins of most books. For now, this feature is limited to a selection of magazines and puzzle books like crosswords and sudoku. In fiction and non-fiction books, you’ll need to hold the pen against the screen to highlight a word or phrase and add notes to it. If that’s not an issue for you, we think you can’t go far wrong with Kindle Scribe.

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