Netflix drops a proper trailer for Arcane’s second (and last) season

After whetting the appetite of fans There’s a full-length trailer for the second season in January Hidden. The animated Netflix show explores the stories behind many of the champions at Riot Games. League of Legends.

Sisters Vi and Jinx remain at the heart of the show. Their conflict serves as a foil to the cities of Piltover and Zaun, which have been in deadly conflict since the events of the season one finale. Vi is now part of an effort to capture her sister and destroy the dangerous Shimmer substance. MOBA fans will recognize champions like Caitlyn and Ekko HiddenAlthough the first season of Singed and Warwick will be seen, the show will debut when the new season comes out this November. Check it out for yourself:

This new season offers plenty of stunning visuals and compelling drama, but the second batch of episodes will also be the last. Hidden. This show is “just the beginning of our great story journey and collaboration with the amazing animation studio Fortiche” Hidden co-creator Christian Linke said League of Legends . “From the beginning, since we started working on this project, we had a very specific ending in mind. Hidden this concludes the second season. Hidden It’s just the first of many stories we want to tell in Runeterra,” he added.

With a clear ending, at least the show will have a proper ending instead of an unsatisfying cliffhanger. The ongoing creative partnership is also a nice silver lining for fans. Taking into account League of Legends Now with over 160 champions in the game and at work, that’s a lot of story fodder to explore.

Hidden it was both appreciated by people with no experience with MOBAs and impressed by many. League of Legends’ An existing international fan base when it debuts on Netflix in November 2021. The show was awarded four Emmys in 2022. to receive an award for outstanding animation program.

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