Elon Musk sued for alleged sexual harassment and retaliation by former SpaceX engineers

Eight former SpaceX engineers filed a lawsuit Wednesday against Elon Musk, accusing the CEO of sexual harassment and retaliation. There is the same group of laid-off workers The US filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) on SpaceX’s alleged retaliation. Bloomberg first gave information about his claim.

“Musk knowingly and purposefully created a hostile work environment by including offensive sexual photographs, memes and comments demeaning women and/or the LGBTQ+ community,” eight former employees wrote in their filing Wednesday.

Former SpaceX engineers said that some of them were harassed by other colleagues who “mimicking Musk’s writings” in an alleged example of mob violence under the influence of their boss’s behavior. The plaintiffs wrote that it “created a wildly uncomfortable hostile work environment.”

Group they worked together on an open letter 2022 highlights the alleged problematic behavior of the Tesla founder. They say that they were fired in retaliation for that article.

according to Bloomberg, the filing says, it has reason to believe that the former SpaceX engineers decided to fire them in response to Musk’s letters. The complaint alleges that when a SpaceX HR official suggested the company conduct a formal investigation before taking any definitive action, Musk replied, “I don’t care, fire them.”

The engineers’ case with the NLRB was stayed by the appeals court despite the board’s ruling SpaceX agreed to unlawful retaliation against them. SpaceX sued the agency in Januarycalls its structure “unconstitutional”.

The lawsuit follows a report detailed Tuesday Allegations that Musk had sex with two female employees and asked the third to give birth to his babies.

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