What to expect from Apple’s big event

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off Monday with the usual parade of new products the company is working on. But while it wants to keep its surprises, there are enough leaks to know a lot about what will be shown on stage. . When Apple unveils new iPads, we can always hope to see some new and exciting hardware get the stage treatment.

– Dan Cooper

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Starliner photoStarliner photo


There is a Starliner . Malfunctioning thrusters prevented the first attempt, but the second was successful. The Starliner crew will spend the next eight days aboard the station, what we all hope is a safe return to Earth.

A picture of a starshipA picture of a starship


SpaceX’s huge Starship rocket has passed several milestones since then . There were some problems on the way back, including a cap that caught fire on descent. But the sentiment at SpaceX will likely win out after demonstrating multiple capabilities at once.

A rumor before WWDC was that Apple would . The company already has a sophisticated password manager built-in, but rumors suggest that a stand-alone program would be both easier to use and more profitable. If true, third-party password managers such as 1Password and LastPass may raise fears about the risk of being left out of the loophole.

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