Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve 19 arrives for Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite PCs

With performance and especially efficiency that would scare Intel, Windows computers It runs the latest version of Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite has strong appeal for content creators. The current problem is the lack of apps, but Blackmagic Design has just announced that it’s popular (and free). DaVinci Resolve 19 (beta 3) video editing and effects software now supports Windows machines with the new chip.

“DaVinci Resolve 19 beta 3 now supports Qualcomm’s new all-in-one CPU, NPU and GPU processor for Windows, the Snapdragon X Elite,” Blackmagic Design wrote in a press release. “DaVinci Resolve has been fine-tuned to optimize the performance of the DaVinci Neural AI Engine, NPU acceleration gives customers 4.7x faster performance of AI tools like magic mask and 2x faster performance for smart reframe on computers using this new processor. “

All DaVinci Resolve 19 tools found on Intel PCs and Macs are also on the Qualcomm platform. These include ColorSlice color correction tool, Ultra NR denoising, Intellitrack AI for motion tracking and stabilization, voice “learning” and more. includes. Since many of them are equipped with artificial intelligence, users should benefit from Snapdragon X Elite’s neural engine (NPU), which outperforms almost every laptop processor.

Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 19 beta 3 on Qualcomm X Elite laptopsBlackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 19 beta 3 on Qualcomm X Elite laptops

With the Snapdragon X Elite chip, the Yoga Slim 7x 14-inch laptop weighs just one-tenth of a pound heavier than the 13-inch MacBook Air. (Engadget)

The Snapdragon X Elite also has excellent multi-threaded CPU performance, on many Intel chips and Apple M3. The VPU (video processing unit) offers AV1, VP9, ​​HEVC (H.265) and H.264 encoding and decoding (up to 10 bits), so users can work with most native camera formats and YouTube and other platforms quickly.

Graphics performance is a bit of a weak point, but performance is only on par with Intel’s Core Ultra 7 and well below most dedicated GPUs. Meanwhile, the Apple M3 GPU (in the MacBook Air) beats it by a margin of 31 percent. This means that DaVinci Resolve effects, encoding, and more things that rely on the GPU can be slow compared to Wintel and MacBook M3 machines.

Still, this is good news for content creators who want a lightweight road machine that can fit Apple laptops. DaVinci Resolve 19 public beta 3 for Windows with Snapdragon X Elite is now available. available for download From the Blackmagic Design website.

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