Alan Wake 2’s first expansion brings Remedy’s other heroes to Night Springs

Alan Wake 2 is getting its first DLC pack, featuring three separate chapters that allow players to explore the strange world. Alan Wake 2 with three new, if familiar, characters. The DLC itself is called Night Springs and will be available to download and play tomorrow.

Night bows is a television show set in the Alan Wake universe, and if we follow the Twilight Zone theme of that show, these spin-off chapters could be “episodes” of the series that exist in “parallel realities”.

Think of it as Remedy’s take Marvel’s What If…, because you will play as Alan Wake’s biggest fan, Rose Marigold. Quantum breakJack Joyce and control’s Jesse Faden, in each chapter respectively.

It’s a fun idea for DLC, and it looks like Remedy is trying to be silly. Evil voices tell Jesse to “try the coffee”. We jump to Shawn Ashmore’s “actor” role Quantum breakJack Joyce and a talking Billy Bass thrown in for fair measure. As mentioned alongside the full reveal, the DLC will be available for download starting June 8th.

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