Arranger turns a slide puzzle into an adventure game this July

Arranger: A Role-Playing Puzzle Adventure It will be released on PC, Switch, PlayStation 5 and mobile devices on July 25.

Arranger is an adventure game with a simple and devastating conceit: The world exists on a grid of sliding tiles. By moving the main character, Jemma, she slides the row or column of tiles associated with her, changing the scenery as she travels. This mechanical walk turns into a puzzle, which forms the basis of the game’s spatial puzzles.

Jemma is a misfit who steps outside her comfortable home for the first time, discovering all the wonderful and terrifying things the wider world has to offer. The land is ruled by a strange, static force, and Jemma’s mission is to free it (literally, apparently).

Arranger Designed and published by indie studio Furniture & Mattress Knitting artist David Helman, Carto writer Nick Suttner, Per Aspera composer Thomas Batista and Ethereal developer Nicolas Recabarren. Mobile version Arranger It will be distributed through Netflix, meaning anyone with an active subscription should be able to play at no extra cost.

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