NVIDIA’s latest AI feature is in-game help

If you’ve ever wanted to make sure your AI assistant is optimized for the game you’re playing, NVIDIA may have the answer. The company is showing off a new demo called G-Assista GeForce-powered AI chatbot that could one day help alleviate the more tedious aspects of gaming.

G-Assist performs several key functions both during installation and directly in games. In a running demo inside ARK: Survival Ascended, NVIDIA shows it answering questions like “what’s the next first game weapon and where can I find crafting materials for it?” In response, he emphasizes that the best is a spear and describes how to gather wood, flint, and fiber to make a spear.

Some purists may see this as cheating, but another G-Assist tool seems less ethically dangerous. If you ask it to optimize settings for a game like Cyberpunk 2077, it can do things like apply the highest quality graphics settings directly. It can also analyze your system as a whole and recommend changes, such as increasing the refresh rate of your 4K monitor from 60Hz to 144Hz.

NVIDIA has previously used the name G-Assist April Fools 2017As you go to pay for the pizza at the door, the AI ​​says it will play games for you in “Ghostplay” mode. The new G-Assist can’t do that, but it can still be useful by taking the hard work out of system optimization. It’s just a demo for now, but NVIDIA is active to be written developers interested in learning more about the project.

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