A $400,000 delivery of Playdates were (briefly) stolen

A misdelivered order, a theft and a hasty return: these are the three actions that surround Playdate’s latest real-life adventure. according to An account of the handheld game system in X (formerly Twitter) FedEx took a $400,000 discount Game dates to the construction site near the actual warehouse destination. Then, poof, they were all gone – but it wasn’t the last. Suddenly, the cargo appeared again not at the warehouse door, but in front of a random restaurant. The return was apparently quick, some packages fell over and entered the street.

We don’t know who’s behind the robbery and the eventual comeback, though no one seems too concerned, as the proper detective says in a later post that he’s “enjoying” the job. Moreover, the account (jokingly?) offered to sell these devices as a limited edition called Playdate Hot. History of the game promised more details in the future – possibly on the Playdate Podcast. A user on X asked about getting their hands on any device they didn’t need, to which Playdate replied, “Check out the streets of North Las Vegas.”

Playdate is out in April 2022 as a cute, monochromatic alternative to high-end gaming systems with cranks on the side. Panic, which owns Playdate, sold nearly 70,000 units in its first two years and offers more than 100 titles in its in-house library. These black-and-white games are relatively simple, but include everything from first-person shooters to puzzles.

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