You can now edit RCS chats in Android Messages

Android’s RCS messaging capabilities approach iMessage. Google he said Today you can edit RCS messages, bringing parity with iMessage editing feature Apple added two years ago.

The new editing feature gives you 15 minutes (same as iMessage) to edit a message in Google Messages. Tap and hold on the message to open a text box to correct your mistakes or add more clarity.

RCS messages will soon eliminate the distinction between green and blue bubbles on iOS. Apple said it would RCS support in Messages Starting in 2024, it gives iPhone owners the ability to share typing indicators, read receipts and high-quality media while chatting with their Android phone friends. While Apple hasn’t provided a specific timeline, RCS is likely to come iOS 18we will learn about him June 10 WWDC keynote before the fall release.

Google has several new features to introduce. Android users a Chromebook or Android tablet it will soon get Instant Hotspot, similar to another Apple feature released years ago (in iOS 8 and macOS Yosemite in 2014). “Soon, with instant hotspot, you’ll be able to connect your Android tablet or Chromebook to your phone’s hotspot with a single tap — without having to go through the extra step of entering your password,” Google product director Jan Jedrzejowicz wrote. a blog post announcing the company’s new features.

Along similar lines, Google Meet will soon allow you to quickly transfer devices during a call. You can tap the Broadcast icon in the app to switch between your Android phone, tablet, or web browser, which is handy when you want to switch places during a video chat.

Left: A Pixel phone with the Google Home widget on the home screen.  Right: Pixel Watch with the Google Home complication (fan icon) to the left of the watch.Left: A Pixel phone with the Google Home widget on the home screen.  Right: Pixel Watch with the Google Home complication (fan icon) to the left of the watch.


Android also facilitates smart home controls. The new Google Home Favorites widget gives you one-click access to room temperatures or lighting controls. This seems like a more intuitive placement than the lock screen shortcut for Google’s smart home controls It was introduced in Android 13. You can sign up for the public preview to test the widget.

Additionally, Wear OS will get the Google Home Favorites tile and complexity for smart home control from your wrist.

Google is also adding new Emoji Kitchen combinations. If you’re not familiar with it, the smart feature lets you Mix two emojis in Gboard send franken-moji stickers to friends. The company didn’t provide a full list of the new options, but said a disco ball and headphone combo is one example.

Other Android updates include using PayPal in Google Wallet from Wear OS watches. Android digital car keys It’s available now with some Mini models and will soon be available for “selected Mercedes-Benz and Polestar vehicles.”

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