The best home entertainment gifts for Father’s Day

While the cinema is still the best way to experience movies, it’s certainly difficult (and expensive!) to tie the kids up for a trip to the theater. And don’t even bring up childcare costs. These days it’s easier to turn your home into the perfect cocoon of fun with all the creature comforts required. Here are a few suggestions to help dads get their kids into it In the spider verse (or maybe all of Marvel and Star Wars indicates that it may have been omitted).

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There are many soundbars there but very little Sonos Beam. It’s a brilliant box that will instantly upgrade any TV with wide and detailed sound. But, it’s also a smart speaker with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support. This makes it a viable alternative to devices like the Echo. “Play Sesame Street songs!” to be able to shout. really helpful for new parents. Trust me.

$499 at Sonos

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If your entertainment is through a game console and dad just wants to go back to watch a game or some Blu-ray discs, then he’ll love navigating with a remote instead of a gamepad. The PS5 Media Remote fits the console aesthetically and includes hotkeys for several popular applications. Plus, its batteries will last longer than the DualSense, so it’ll always be ready to go. Your biggest challenge will likely be finding a spare, although we think you can figure that out if you can get your hands on a console. For Xbox owners PDP Media Remote Works for systems from the One to the new X/S series. Instead of hotkeys, it includes a fairly standard universal remote setup so that relearning isn’t too much.

$30 on Verizon

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Anyone with an old TV will appreciate it Roku’s Streaming Stick 4K. This is a $50 switch that will do almost anything you want it to do streaming device: Access an extensive library of apps, offer fast performance, and play content in 4K (and on supported TVs, it can also handle HDR and Dolby Vision). Even if the TV already has programs installed, the Streaming Stick has a chance to work faster, especially if the set is several years old. Roku’s stick is also a great travel companion: instead of accessing services on the hotel TV, dad just has to plug it in.

$34 on Amazon

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Latest version Apple TV 4K no wonder it’s the best. It’s faster than ever, more affordable, and includes Apple’s updated Siri Remote system with a responsive (and clickable) circular trackpad. The new version is a solid upgrade for anyone with the original 4K model, and it’s an even bigger leap forward for owners of the company’s older set-top boxes. Of course, the Apple TV app is also available on many competing devices, but we still prefer the Apple TV 4K user experience. Consider it a must-buy for any iPhone-loving parents in your life.

$150 at B&H Photo

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Sony’s latest noise-cancelling headphones are some of the best we’ve ever seen. The XM5 it’s extremely comfortable, offers excellent sound quality and has stronger noise canceling capabilities than ever before. While they’re not great for band watching, they’re perfect boxes for the new dad who wants to fully immerse himself in the latest. Fast and furious movie.

$328 on Amazon

Philips Hue

Whether the home is already into automation or not, this starter kit Philips Hue White and Colored lights should fit well. It comes with three bulbs that can glow in millions of colors, as well as a button and Hue bridge for easy manual control. The latter will be important if dad wants to add to his lighting system as it supports up to 50 connected lights. He’ll be able to control his lights from anywhere using the companion mobile app, set schedules and rules, and use Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri commands to change the home’s lighting as he pleases. This means it’s easier than ever for dad to get the right vibe for his next movie night.

$160 on Amazon


Portable projectors have come a long way over the past few years — instead of just being expensive toys, they’re now truly affordable ways to enjoy movies on the go. What father wouldn’t want that? The Nebula Mars 3 Weather one of our favorites: it offers a decently bright 400-nit image with 1080p video support, HDR, and enough battery life to watch two and a half hours of movies. You can bring it outside to turn your backyard into an outdoor movie theater, or set it up indoors for big-screen Bluey marathon sessions.

$600 on Amazon


LG’s C3 OLED TV It’s not his newest model, but that makes it an ideal Father’s Day gift. Its price has dropped significantly from last year, so now you can easily find a 65-inch C3 OLED for $1,600. Given everything it has to offer – an incredible 4K OLED panel with vivid colors and deep blacks, LG’s Gen6 a9 AI processor and a fast 0.1ms response time for gaming – most dads won’t miss having the extra brightness. C4 OLED ($2,500 or more). LG has also earned its place as a reliable OLED TV manufacturer, so you won’t have to worry about your gift looking silly in a year or two. In the expensive and sometimes confusing land of OLED TVs, the C3 is a smart and practical choice. Hank Hill would approve.

$1,597 at Amazon

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