Someone made a Flappy Bird tribute for the Playdate that lets you use the crank to fly

ah Flappy Bird. It’s been a long time since I last paid attention to the game-turned cultural phenomenon that briefly overwhelmed us all ten years ago. At least, it was until this morning Reddit announcing post a Flappy Bird I thanked Playdate and downloaded it to my device without a moment’s hesitation. Now here I am, once again completely hooked on this crazy little game. And it’s even harder this time, using a crank to control this silly looking bird. FlappyBird by Chibisuke is free and available to download for Playdate You’re welcome…or, I’m sorry.

FlappyBird It’s like the OG game, but in gray. You can play using the up button on the D-pad, the ‘A’ button, or the joystick to guide the bird through the pipes, but I’ve gone with the latter for the extra challenge it adds. It also feels like a perfect use of the crank, and I like to make the most of the Playdate’s funky design when I can. There are other games inspired by it Flappy Bird As you can get for Playdate Cranky Bird and Flappybaltbut Chibisuke’s FlappyBird It is a direct clone of Dong Nguyen’s infamous side scroller.

It’s certainly one way to get your heart rate up on a Sunday afternoon. Just please don’t ask about my high score, I… don’t want to talk about it.

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