You can now hum to find a song on YouTube Music for Android

According to YouTube Music for Android, YouTube Music for Android is finally introducing the long-awaited tool that lets people hum a song in addition to singing a tune or playing a musical instrument.Eporting by 9to5Google. It was in the software Trial phase from March.

All you need to do is tap the magnifying glass in the upper right corner and look for the waveform icon next to the microphone icon. Tap the waveform icon and start humming or singing. The full-screen results page should quickly display the cover art, song title, artist, album, year of release, and other important information about the song. It is built on software Pixel’s Now Playing featureuses artificial intelligence to “match the audio to the original recording”.

The tool comes with a server-side update with version 7.02 of YouTube Music for Android. There doesn’t appear to be any availability information for an iOS release, though it’s likely to be headed our way in the near future.

While this type of feature is new to YouTube Music, it’s not exactly new. Google search introduced a similar tool In 2020, and the regular YouTube app started offering something similar last year. Online music streaming platform Deezer too It has a “Hum to search” toolReleased in 2022.

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