Volkswagen indefinitely delays the ID.7 electric sedan’s arrival in North America

There is a Volkswagen was delayed its activation ID.7 sedan In the US and Canada. Before Wednesday’s indefinite postponement, the automaker had planned North American sales of the EV for this year. The ID.7, which will be Volkswagen’s first electric sedan in the United States, saw high demand in Europe, where it arrived last year.

“As market dynamics continue to change, Volkswagen is delaying the introduction of the ID.7 sedan in the US and Canada,” the automaker wrote in a press release announcing the delay. Volkswagen added that its Minibus is still slated to arrive stateside in the fourth quarter of 2025. The company also highlighted in its press release how well electric SUVs are doing in North America in Q1 2024.

Sepia shadow image of the Volkswagen ID.7 electric sedan.Sepia shadow image of the Volkswagen ID.7 electric sedan.


Volkswagen confirmed To sister site Engadget Autoblog The current lack of a new timeline for the long-delayed ID.7 in North America is not an encouraging sign for those looking forward to the sedan. The Verge notes said the model would fill a gap in the offerings of the American electric industry: a decently affordable electric sedan. Currently, most non-SUV electric vehicles on the American market sit at the high end of the price spectrum, starting around $70,000.

The European ID.7 is an “upper mid-size” EV sedan merges Powerful and efficient 282 hp engine with 77 kWh battery. Rated for a range of about 300 miles, it was expected to start around $50,000 in the US.

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