The 10th-gen iPad drops to its lowest price ever

Some fancy new iPads have just hit store shelves, and we think the latest is the iPad Air is the best choice for most people, there’s an entry-level Apple tablet that will check many people’s boxes. And best of all, 10th generation iPad cheaper than ever. There is a tablet It fell to $329 Lowest price ever for the blue model with 64GB storage. Apple introduced the 10th generation iPad permanent $100 off price up to $349 earlier this month. The latest sale takes another $20 off.


The base 10th generation iPad has dropped to its lowest price yet.

$329 on Amazon

This model is our choice The best budget iPad. Although it’s nearly two years old at this point, the combination of price and functionality makes it an attractive option.

The 10.9-inch tablet will last up to 10 hours on a single charge and has a USB-C port and a Touch ID sensor. The selfie camera is located along the horizontal edge, which makes video chats a little less awkward for those who prefer landscape orientation.

Of course, there are some trade-offs compared to high-end iPads. The latest iPad Air and iPad Pro much stronger than this model. They also have nicer screens. In addition, the 10th generation iPad does not support the new Apple Pencil Pro or Wi-Fi 6E – only the first generation and USB-C pencils and especially slow Wi-Fi 6.

But if all you’re looking for is a relatively inexpensive tablet for basic tasks like browsing the web, answering emails, watching TV shows, and playing some games, the basic iPad will fit the bill.

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