The best Xbox games for 2024

This is the private eye of Takayuki Yagami second adventure; A spin-off of Sega’s popular, delicious and complex Yakuza saga. He lives in the same Kamurocho area, has the same yakuza gangs roaming the streets, and is a very rare crossover of side story characters and freaks. But instead of punching punks in the face for justice or honor, Yakuza style protagonist Kazuya Kiryu, Yagami fights with the power of the attorney badge, drone evidence, and… sometimes (read: often) kicks bad guys in the face.

The case is closer to a serialized television drama, interspersed with fights, chases and melodrama. For anyone who has played the series before, it rests on familiar ground, but with a more serious (real) story based on the problems of violence and suicide in Japanese high schools, tied into myriad plots involving the legal system, politics, and organized crime.

Yagami has many fighting styles, but there are also love interests, batting cages, mahjong, skate parks and more activities to keep you occupied for hours. On PS5, A lost judgment it looks great. The battles are fluid, and the rebuilt areas in Tokyo and Yokohama are usually filled with pedestrians, shops, and points of interest. while Like Yakuza Dragon takes the franchise in a new (turn-based, more ridiculous) direction, A lost judgment It keeps the brawler gameplay from the Yakuza series with a new hero that finally captivates us.

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