Intel-powered Copilot+ PCs will be available this fall

The neglect of PC manufacturers introduced their first Copilot+ computers on monday, but it all goes on Qualcomm silicon. Intel it sounded Its Lunar Lake chips to provide us today, the first to support all of the company Copilot+ AI featuresIt will arrive in the 3rd quarter of 2024.

Intel says more than 80 new laptops from more than 20 supply partners will start shipping in time for the holidays. Computers will add new Copilot+ features, e.g Remember and Co-creator through a software update. (The company didn’t provide a specific window for these.) Intel expects to ship more than 40 million AI PC chips this year, including an on-board neural processing unit (NPU) for generative AI features.

The chipmaker says Lunar Lake will more than triple the current AI performance Meteor Lake models that support 40 trillion NPU operations per second (TOPS).

“The launch of Lunar Lake will bring significant fundamental improvements in security, battery life and more thanks to our deep co-engineering collaboration with Intel,” said Pavan Davuluri, vice president of Microsoft Windows and Devices, in a press release. “We’re excited to see Lunar Lake come to market with 40+ TOPS NPUs that will deliver Microsoft’s Copilot+ experiences at scale when available.”

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