A Super Mario 64 mod may be as close as we ever get to Mario Maker 3D

and are great games that allow fans to easily create and share their own Mario levels. But it was a little disappointing that Nintendo only participated in 2D Mario games. To date, none of the 3D incarnations of Plumber have won the Mario Maker title. So thanks to the modders.

Arthurtilly and Rovertronic released a pair of moderators It aims to make it easier for players to create and share their own levels. You will need your own (legally obtained) Mario 64 game file and separate software for embedding the mod into it. It is even possible to use Mario builder 64 On the Nintendo 64 .

You will have more than 100 parts to build your levels. The crafting tool includes some special parts from the previous mod, so extras like permanent power-ups are at your disposal. Here are recommended places to look to share your creativity and find what others have created For Mario level modders and Rovertronic .

It will be interesting to see if the 3D is ridiculous start creating, while the mod can allow speed runners to create custom training grounds where they can practice strategies. Personally, I hope the creators build levels that are believable to beat.

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