iOS 17.5.1 fixes reappearing photo bug

Apple has released an update for iOS (and iPadOS) to fix a strange bug that surfaced last week. When iOS 17.5 was released, some users noticed that their deleted photos reappeared in the Photos library – now iOS 17.5.1 promises to fix this. As Apple says, the update “fixes a rare issue where photos that have been damaged in the database could reappear in the Photos library even after they have been deleted.”

as mentioned by MacRumors, some users on Reddit have been seeing photos deleted months and years ago come back to their devices instead of weeks ago. Indeed, one person reported that his library of photos from 2010 looked like they had been taken recently.

As usual, Apple hasn’t offered any more details beyond what’s in the iOS 17.5.1 release notes, but we’re reaching out to see if they have any other details about how this bug came about in the first place. Meanwhile, you can also go update your iPhone or iPad now.

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