OpenAI strikes deal to put Reddit posts in ChatGPT

OpenAI and Reddit announced a partnership on Thursday that will allow OpenAI to mine Reddit discussions on ChatGPT and bring Reddit AI-powered features to its users. The partnership will “enable OpenAI tools to better understand and display Reddit content, especially on recent topics,” he said. . As part of the deal, OpenAI will also be an advertising partner on Reddit, meaning it will run ads on the platform.

The deal is the same as Reddit in February and which one It is worth 60 million dollars. A Reddit spokesperson declined to disclose the terms of the OpenAI deal to Engadget, and OpenAI did not respond to a request for comment.

OpenAI is increasingly partnering with publishers to obtain data to continue training AI models. Only in the last few weeks have the company with Financial Times and Dotdash Meredith. Last year too with German publisher Axel Springer to train their models on news Politics and Business Insider in the United States and Bild and Die Welt in Germany.

Under the new agreement, OpenAI will gain access to Reddit’s Data API, which the company says will provide it with “real-time, structured and unique content from Reddit.” It’s unclear what AI-powered features Reddit will build into its platform as a result of the partnership. A Reddit spokesperson declined to comment.

Last year, access to Reddit data, a rich source of real-time, human-generated and often high-quality data, became a controversial issue after the company announced it would start charging developers to use its API. As a result, dozens of third-party Reddit clients were forced and thousands of subreddits went dark in protest. That’s when Reddit stood still and said he scraped data from big AI companies at no charge. Since then, Reddit has been monetizing its data through such deals with Google and OpenAI, whose advances in training AI models depend on access to it.

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