Google lets third-party developers into Home through new APIs

opens platform to third-party developers through new APIs. So any app will eventually be able to tap into the more than 600 million devices connected to the Home, even if they aren’t necessarily smart home-oriented apps. For example, Google suggests that a food delivery app could turn on outdoor lights before the courier shows up with lunch.

The APIs are built on top of Matter, and Google says it built them with privacy and security at the fore. First, developers accessing the APIs must undergo certification before distributing their applications. Additionally, apps won’t be able to access someone’s smart home devices without the user’s express consent.

Developers are already starting to integrate automation-focused APIs. For example, Eve will let you set your smart blinds to automatically lower when the temperature drops at night. Before you start sweating, the exercise program can turn on the fan for you.

Google is a bit slow with APIs because there is a waiting list and it works with select partners. It plans to continually open up access to its APIs, and the first apps using them will hit the Play Store and App Store this fall.

Meanwhile, Google is turning TVs into smart home hubs. Starting later this year, you’ll be able to control smart home devices via Chromecast with Google TV and certain models of Google TV running Android 14 or higher, as well as smart home devices. .

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