8Bitdo’s Ultimate Controller with charging dock is back on sale for $56

makes our favorite third-party game controllers. They work with almost everything and are well built. Currently, you can get a bundle with the 8BitDo Ultimate Controller and charger . That’s a near-record low, and the cheapest we’ve seen this particular controller combo since earlier this year.


we this is called a controller “the ultimate gamepad” most people will have to buy for “Switch and PC”. Thanks to the use of magnets and “hall effect” sensors instead of traditional potentiometers, there is no rod drift. This gamepad should last a long time. We also really liked the Bluetooth functionality, especially when using the controller with portable devices like the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck.

For customization, there’s a neat little mobile app that can adjust the sensitivity of joysticks, triggers, and haptic vibrations. Of course, this software allows users to change buttons, add macros and create unique setting profiles. All this can be done on PC if you don’t have a mobile wallet.

The charger is powered via USB-C and acts as a storage tray for the included USB wireless dongle. The gamepad can be connected via this dongle, Bluetooth or USB-C cable. Pairing is simple, with a mostly plug-and-play experience.

Battery life is adequate, though not spectacular. This controller takes about 20 hours per charge. The only real downside here is the original $70 asking price, which is the same as the Switch Pro controller. That problem is alleviated with this discount, as $56 is pretty affordable for a premium third-party controller.

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