A ‘vastly reduced’ Netflix, Peacock and Apple TV+ bundle is coming this month

As if it wasn’t clear enough that streaming is just cable by another name these days (although it’s cheaper these days), many of the top services are bundled together to form bundles. Combined package , and is expected to debut later this month. According to CEO Brian Roberts, this StreamSaver package will be available to Comcast customers.

Roberts didn’t say how much the package would cost or what tiers of each service it would cover, but he said StreamSaver would offer them “at a very low price compared to anything else available today.” according to the goal is to “add value to consumers” and take dollars away from competing streaming services, he told attendees at MoffettNathanson’s Media, Internet and Communications Conference.

The StreamSaver announcement comes just days after it emerged coming this summer. ESPN, Warner Bros. There’s also a super-sized sports package that includes Discovery and Fox services although there are critics like FuboTV No pricing has been announced for either package.

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