Apple and Google roll out a cross-platform feature to tackle unwanted Bluetooth trackers

Apple and Google’s long-standing efforts to warn people about unwanted Bluetooth trackers installed on them come to a conclusion. The companies have developed an industry standard called Unwanted Location Tracker Detection. This allows you to be notified via iOS or Android when someone is being tracked with one of those devices.

When it detects that an unknown Bluetooth device has moved with someone for a period of time, it will receive a “[Item] Found Moving With You.” regardless of which platform the tracker is paired with. Apple and Google are rolling out these capabilities starting today on iOS 17.5 and Android 6.0 and later devices.

Companies announced a partnership Solving this problem last May with the support of industry partners such as Samsung and Tile. Apple said that Chipolo, Eufy, Jio, Motorola and Pebblebee are among the companies that say future Bluetooth tags will work with the new standard.

Not long after Apple started selling AirTags three years ago, stories of bad actors using the devices following people and steal a car began to emerge. Apple started fast works on the roads making it harder for stalkers to use AirTags illegally and that improved his approach over time to this. The company too It released an Android app in late 2021 to help people find out if an AirTag has been planted, but the new approach will introduce an OS-level approach to alerting people about unwanted trackers on both platforms.

Apple has faced legal challenges over AirTag prosecution. San Francisco judge in March was rejected the company’s effort to dismiss a class-action lawsuit over the matter.

The timing of the Unwanted Location Tracker detection alert is interesting. there is are long rumours Google was working on its own Bluetooth tracker. With the I/O developer conference takes place on Tuesdayperhaps such a device is about to emerge.

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