Asteroids and Resident Evil join the World Video Game Hall of Fame

There is a strong National Games Museum this year’s World Video Game Hall of Fame inductees. Asteroids, Myst, SimCity and Ultima they cut. This means likes Guitar Hero, Metroid and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater it would be hard to make a case against any of the five candidates if you were left out of the shortlist.

Games are selected for the hall of fame based on a number of criteria, including cultural impact and their impact on the industry. Asteroids fits the bill perfectly. The 1979 game was a huge hit. Atari sold over 70,000 arcade units Asteroids its best-selling coin-op machine. The home version on the Atari 2600 was also very popular. While the vector graphics were rudimentary, it didn’t take away from the immensely satisfying gameplay of blasting a ton of space rocks.

Slow paced puzzle game Mist It was also a big hit in the 90s, selling over 6 million copies. Resident Evil probably the most appropriate name on the list for a modern audience. After popularizing the survival horror genre from the original 1996 game, the series is still going strong.

In 1989, he released a city builder game called Maxis SimCity. Its complex city design and problem management systems spawned a number of sequels and inspired the creators of other real-time strategy games. Command & Conquer and Age of empires. As for Ultima: The First Age of Darkness, that 1981 game is one of the cornerstones of the RPG genre. The developers of Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy are among those who cite him as an influence. notes.

These five games join a of in the World Video Game Hall of Fame, incl The Last of Us, Wii Sports, Barbie Fashion Designer and Computer Space. Inductees are on permanent display at The Strong in Rochester, New York.

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