Amazon’s Echo Dot drops to just $28

Not all connected speakers have voice assistant installed for example, it doesn’t have a microphone. So, if you want to use your voice to control such devices, you should take a secondary smart speaker, for example. . Fortunately, that little Alexa is an enabled device . That’s 44 percent off and just $5 off the record low price.


The Echo Dot is a solid smart speaker, especially at this price.

$28 on Amazon

That’s not to say the Echo Dot isn’t a decent speaker in its own right. In fact, we think it is Under $50.

Amazon has been steadily improving the Dot’s sound quality over the years, and the latest 2022 version produces louder and clearer sound than you’d expect from a sub-$50 speaker. The globe-shaped speaker has some physical buttons, including one for volume control and another to mute/unmute the microphone if you don’t want Alexa to always be alerted for voice commands.

If you want to save a few extra bucks, you can opt for this instead . That Alexa-enabled speaker is now available . The colorful speaker also has a microphone mute switch. A handy bedside speaker can be handy for listening to podcasts or a bedtime story when it’s time to nod off.


Echo Pop is Amazon’s entry-level smart speaker.

$20 on Amazon

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