Sonic Mania Plus and Braid come to Netflix’s gaming library

There is Netflix he added Sonic Mania Plus has its own roster of games that subscribers can access for free on mobile with no ads or in-app purchases. First, the company announced intended to add the title to its lineup along with Game Giant TycoonIn December 2023. Sonic Mania Plus Created for the franchise’s 25th anniversary by fans known for their Sonic fangame creations and work in the ROM hacking community. Since the original release in 2017, it has often been cited as one of the best Sonic games of all time. Sonic Mania PlusReleased in 2018, includes additional content. Netflix says the version in its library will also come with new levels and bosses.

Also on Netflix on May 14th Adding the anniversary edition of Braid to his playing order. Braid is a time manipulation platformer where players control a character named Tim who must explore old memories in interconnected worlds to find and save a princess. Its anniversary edition features improved audio, new animation sequences, completely repainted graphics, and more puzzles to solve, as well as 15 hours of audio commentary discussing the game’s development.

In addition to these two titles, Netflix’s game library is also getting a top-down puzzle adventure Paper trail on May 21 and a Stories game based on the series Virgin River May 29. 2019 platform Katana ZeroFeaturing a katana-wielding assassin in a dystopian setting, it will also pave the way for Netflix games, though the company doesn’t yet have a date for its arrival.

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