The UK’s Ministry of Defence was hacked, and the country is reportedly blaming China

China has been accused of hacking the UK Ministry of Defence’s payroll system. The BBC and Sky News It says a severe data breach exposed personal information of active duty military personnel and veterans. The information mainly consists of full names and bank details, but may also include personal addresses in some cases.

Those affected are being informed and Defense Secretary Grant Shapps is due to give MPs more details today. He is expected to develop an action plan to protect anyone whose data has been stolen. All salaries are expected to be paid this month as usual.

China’s foreign minister said in a statement that the country “resolutely opposes and fights against cyber attacks in all forms” and “rejects the political use of this issue to smear other countries.” But this is not the first time Great Britain and China collided over safety concerns. In March, UK Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden accused China of being behind the hacking of the Electoral Commission in August 2021. the BBC informed on time. The Great Britain has also banned TikTok — owned by Chinese tech company ByteDance — from all government devices requiring safeguards in March 2023.

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