Apple’s 2023 iMac drops to a record-low price

It’s been a busy day with Apple news , but the company has many other M-series devices, including the iMac. Apple put the M3 chips in their desktop computers , and now the base version of the 2023 iMac is cheaper than ever. Thanks to a coupon on Amazon (make sure you clip it!), you can buy an iMac with an M3 chip, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of SSD storage.. The deal is available for the silver, pink, green and blue versions of the system.


Apple’s 2023 iMac with M3 chip has dropped to its lowest price ever.

$1,149 at Amazon

A word of warning: while it’s a decent deal on the surface, we feel that the base 2023 iMac’s specs aren’t up to scratch. In this day and age, with applications becoming more and more demanding, it’s hard to seriously recommend a computer with just 8GB of RAM. That’s why the iMac couldn’t score higher than 86 .

On the plus side, the M3 chipset is blazingly fast and the iMac’s screen remains gorgeous. It’s a desktop system, though, and it’s lightweight, so it’s not too difficult to move from room to room or prop it up — not being able to adjust the screen vertically is a little disappointing.

There are some caveats to keep in mind here, but if you’re looking for a nice, pretty new computer for relatively simple tasks (you won’t be doing a lot of gaming or video editing on a system with these specs) and don’t mind splashing some cash, then this iMac might do the trick for you.

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