May’s PlayStation Plus games include Ghostrunner 2 and the modern classic Tunic

The bad news? Since it is the beginning of the month, the rent is due. The good news? Sony just announced , and there are some serious standouts. Included in the list Ghostrunner 2, Tunic, Destiny 2: Light and EA Sports FC 24. Except most of these games are available for both PS4 and PS5 Ghostrunner 2 this is for PS5 players only.

So let’s begin Ghostrunner 2. It’s very difficult first-person slasher with a fast-paced transition mechanic reminiscent of games like The edges of the mirror. You’ll die often, our reviewer died 164 times in one level, and you’ll love every second. Getting lost isn’t that big of a deal since there are checkpoints almost everywhere and you can instantly respawn with the press of a button. It’s also a blast, offering a “satisfying gameplay loop that’s hard to break away from.”

Tunic for some reason it is both admired and underappreciated by critics. This is a top-down isometric adventure , with gameplay reminiscent of old Zelda adventures. When we say old school, we really mean old school. Tunic It’s most similar to the first Zelda game for the NES, as there are no objective markers, no towns full of cute villagers, and not much in the way of story. You are simply entered into the world and tasked with exploring it. The puzzles are difficult and the combat can be even more difficult. It’s almost as polished as a Nintendo title, and the protagonist is a lovable fox. What’s not to love?

EA Sports FC 24 is the most recent entry . There are over 19,000 fully licensed players, 700 teams and 30 leagues, including the UEFA Champions League for men and women. This is actually the first time in franchise history that men and women can be on the field together. That’s pretty neat. It has cross-play with Xbox Series X/S, PC and Xbox One.

Destiny 2: Light expansion . There’s a new Dark subclass called the Strand and lots of updated perks, weapons, armor and more. It’s also set in a neon metropolis, which is a nice change of pace. This was actually a first Fate 2 expansion released later .

All these games will be played on May 7. Ghostrunner 2, Tunic and Destiny 2: Light It will be available for download until June 3 and EA Sports FC 24 Until June 17. To that end, April’s PS Plus games . You only have until May 6 to download Immortals Aveum, Minecraft legends and Skull: Heroic Assassin.

The month of May includes another gift for PS Plus subscribers. A side-scrolling Metroidvania Animal WellThe first game published by popular YouTuber Dunkey, a first day release May 9.

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