The second-gen Apple Pencil falls back to $79 ahead of next week’s iPad event

Apple’s second generation Pencil the stylus is back on sale for $79, its lowest price ever. In us he saw it A bargain several times over in 2024, but that’s still about $35 off the price of the device. regular street price Outside of these sales on Amazon. apple, meanwhile, normally sells the stylus for $129. This offer is available on Amazon, Target, Walmart and Best Buy.

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A new model is coming, but this deal is currently the lowest price for Apple’s best iPad stylus.

$79 on Amazon

However, watch out: Apple’s next product showcase is scheduled for May 7 widely expected to present the new Pen during the event. According to this new generation model, some level of haptic feedback will be included Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurmanto work 9-5Mac suggested that it might include a new “squeeze” gesture and Find my tracking support. If you want the newest Pen available, you should hold off for another week.

However, given the MSRP of this second-generation model, it it seems It’s safe to expect that any new Pen will cost a little more than $79 out the door. If you’re on a tighter budget and looking to buy your first iPad Pencil for sketching or note-taking, the current Pencil should remain a good value for the price.

For now, the second-generation Pen is the best stylus choice in our guide the best iPad accessories. It’s still one of the only styluses on iPadOS to offer pressure sensitivity, so the harder you press, the heavier your lines get. (Last year USB-C based Pen it lets it go.) Tilt recognition and palm rejection support help it feel natural to draw outside of it. The stylus itself is comfortable to hold, and it can be charged and connected to a compatible iPad simply by attaching it magnetically to the side of the tablet. no cables needed. We like it too double tap feature, which makes switching between the drawing tool and the eraser faster in certain applications. Just make sure you have (and will continue to use) a Compatible with iPad Air, mini or Pro first.

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