Peacock is raising prices again, just in time for the Olympics

Streamflation is real. Less than a year later, Peacock announced it was raising prices again . The new pricing will be $8 per month for Peacock with ads and $14 per month for the ad-free experience, starting July 18 for new subscribers and August 17 for existing users. An ad-free subscription will cost the same as Disney+ and about as much as Netflix. but it happened that ok?

To put that into perspective, just a year ago, a subscription to Peacock only set you back $5-$10 a month, depending on whether you went with ads. Then there was a $1 increase last summer and a $2 increase this summer. If this rate of growth continues, Peacock will cost $260,000 a month by 2040, and that’s because of ads. But can you put a price tag on finding out if Jim and Pam ever kiss?

There is a method to Peacock’s price-gouging madness. 2024 Summer Olympics and the broadcaster will show “every sport and event, including all 329 medal events”. The platform will also feature replays of full events, selected video clips and original commentary. The Olympics kicks off on July 26, just eight days after the price hike for new subscribers begins. Good luck keeping subscribers after the games are over.

Peacock is watching the market here as rival streaming services . Almost every major streaming platform has become more expensive in the past year, , Apple TV+ and Netflix. Other types of streaming services are not immune. Spotify Later this year, despite recent reports for US customers .

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