An iPad version of the Delta game emulator is officially on the way

The famous Nintendo emulator Delta, which The huge fanfare of a few weeks ago now gets an optimized version for the iPad. The developer He shared an update on Threads this weekend that an iPad app is in the works and is now a priority as Apple has changed its tune on game emulators. The iPad app is “nearing completion” and Testut’s subscribers you can get it now through AltStore, an alternative marketplace the developer created a few years ago to sideload iOS and iPadOS apps. Otherwise, you can wait a bit for it to arrive with Delta’s next big update, version 1.6.

In the post, Testut shared a small preview of how it will work on the iPad. Delta was released as the successor to Testut’s Game Boy Advance emulator GBA4iOS and supports several other Nintendo systems including the NES, SNES, N64 and DS. It shouldn’t be long before the iPad version is finished — Testut wrote that the team just “needs to finish the controller skins.” [and] fix some recent bugs.” They are also working on a device-to-device multiplayer Testut (but that’s still a few items on the checklist). And as an added treat, he said A SEGA Genesis emulator is also on the way. This is still in beta, but will be available “soon”.

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