Threads is getting its own Hidden Words feature

Meta brings some existing security features to Threads, including Threads Secret Words instrument. Platform – recently hit More than 150 million users — will now let you filter words, phrases, and even emojis, just like on Instagram.

Themes will have the setting by default and will filter out anything it deems offensive, along with content that may be inappropriate or uninteresting. You can then add anything else you want to filter out, like “slimming,” “assault,” or a derogatory term. To add your own preferences, go to the “manage custom words and phrases” section and write anything you’re tired of seeing in Threads.

The platform too tests two additional functions: mute and quote controls. First, it will allow you to silence notifications specifically for any interaction with your posts. This way, you can get alerts about new followers or tags without seeing every reply. Citation controls will let you choose who can cite your post and even cite yourself. Meta has not yet announced when these two features will be available to all Threads users.

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