Your old Rock Band guitars now work in Fortnite Festival

You can give a new life to those plastic Rock Band guitars you have stuffed in the attic. Fortnite Festival (Rock Band style mode ) now supports several Controllers on PlayStation, Xbox and PC, .

If you have a compatible plastic guitar, you can use it to play the new Pro Lead and Pro Bass parts on any Jam Track. These parts have colored notes for each strip that correspond with the guitar controller buttons. They also include hammer and roll notes like Rock Band and Guitar Hero.

Epic Games (which to create musical experiences for Fortnite) plans to add support for more peripherals. Hopefully, the developers will make the whimsical bar more useful in addition to enabling the visual effect.

Epic previously said it would add support for Rock Band guitars. Earlier this year, third-party peripheral maker PDP (which Turtle Beach ) A new wireless guitar controller for Xbox and PlayStation Rock band 4 and Fortnite Festival.

As Billie Eilish joins the game as a new music icon, support for Rock Band peripherals comes. Several of his songs are available for purchase and use Fortnite Festivaland you’ll be able to get an Eilish outfit (or unlock one with a secondary battle pass) and play as her in Battle Royale mode.

Meanwhile, there’s Epic It allows players to hide certain emotions that others use for trolling in Battle Royale. For example, after being eliminated, a player may not want to see their opponent by using the “Take Lee” emote, which involves making an “L” (for “loser”) shape on their forehead and doing a silly dance. The setting won’t prevent players from using any emotes, and only hides four of them for now. For some reason, one of the emotions that the setting does not hide is called a personal favorite

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