Amazon halts drone deliveries in California, but kicks off tests in Phoenix

Amazon customers in California will no longer be able to receive drone deliveries. E-commerce company closed Delivery site in Lockeford, has been operating since 2022 and will now offer opportunities to its staff in the area at other sites. Amazon is almost as revelatory as an aside announcement Later this year, West Valley said it will begin drone deliveries in the Phoenix Metro area. Its drones will be deployed from facilities near the Tolleson fulfillment center. Amazon says this is the first time drone delivery will be fully integrated into its network, allowing the company to fulfill and deliver purchases more quickly.

The company doesn’t have an exact date to start delivering drones in Phoenix, as it is still working with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and local officials to get the necessary permits. He has the support of Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego, who called drone delivery “the future” and said it would help her city “reduce local pollution” and further cement it as “a hotbed for tomorrow’s innovative technology.”

Although Amazon’s drone delivery operations are closing in California, they will continue to operate in College Station, Texas. Shortly after these two regions began using drones as couriers, Information informed the company has only made a handful of deliveries this way, mostly due to FAA restrictions that prohibit the machines from flying over roads or people unless Amazon gets a permit for each job. It eventually reached a delivery of 100 drones by mid-2023, though that was far from what the company expected to achieve by then, as the goal Reaches 10,000 deliveries until the end of the year.

But these failures did not deter Amazon. It is currently testing its next-generation MK30 drones, which can fly twice as far as its current drones, and has also said it will deploy drone deliveries to more locations in the United States next year.

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