Snap is adding a watermark to AI-generated images

This is becoming increasingly difficult to determine what is artificial intelligence as the capabilities of the tools continue to improve. AI-generated image tagging is one solution, and one that Snapchat has expanded upon. The platform provides a Watermarking on AI-generated content saved to your camera roll or exported.

AI-generated images get ghost watermarksAI-generated images get ghost watermarks


Snapchat’s artificial intelligence watermark won’t surprise anyone, it’ll be a glowing ghost next to it. There’s no way to control where the icon appears (as with watermarks), but we’ll know more when Snapchat adds the feature “soon.”

The addition of AI tagging for externally visible images follows in Snapchat’s footsteps of tagging in-app content. there is extension tool, has a glowing icon that creates the effect of a zoomed-out image and indicates that it is an AI feature. Then there is Dreams feature, uses generative artificial intelligence to transform selfies into “fantastic images that transform their identities into new identities.” Anyone who buys a dream image also gets a context card that explains its AI usage.

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