Cozy cat sim Little Kitty, Big City arrives for consoles and PCs on May 9

after , the world is clamoring for another great game about cats. Well, our requests have been answered. Cozy cat sim Little Kitty, Big City May 9 for multiple platforms including Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and more . It costs $25 and pre-orders are available now, while Switch owners get a 10 percent discount for now. It’s also the first day of Game Pass release.

There’s a new trailer that was shown at Nintendo’s recent Indie World Showcase event. It seems many sweet You play as a cat and explore a Japanese-inspired city, causing mischief and wearing a bunch of costumes. It’s a casual game, so don’t expect any bloodthirsty cyberpunk ruffians chasing you around town.

The cel-shaded visuals are charming, and the “mini-open world” looks full of things to do, annoying people, and sun-soaked spots for a good night’s sleep. We will never fully understand what goes on in the minds of our beloved cats, they are aliens, but this game will at least give us some time in their shoes/paws.

The developer is Double Dagger Studio, a company founded by Matt T. Wood, a veteran game designer of nearly two decades. . He has worked on many games that look like the exact opposite of a cat sim 4 were left dead, Portal 2 and CS: GO. Despite this generation, Little Kitty, Big City It has no fighting features and is likened to classic stories Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz.

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