Apple claims Epic is trying to ‘micromanage’ its business operations in a new court filing

Last month, Epic Games filed a motion asking a California judge to hold Apple in contempt for allegedly violating a 2021 order regarding the company’s App Store practices. Now, Apple is asking a judge to deny Epic’s request, it claims in a new filing. The proposal is an attempt to “micro-manage Apple’s business operations in a way that increases Epic’s profitability.”

US District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers’ preliminary ruling required Apple to allow developers to provide an option for foreign payment methods that would allow them to avoid fees of up to 30 percent on App Store and in-app purchases. apple In January, it allowed developers to link to external websites to buy alternatives, but the new rules also require approval from Apple and impose a 12-27 percent commission on those transactions. Per ReutersEpic claimed this made alternative payment options “commercially unviable”.

Epic also said at the time that Apple’s “purported compliance is fraudulent” and accused the company of violating the order with its recent actions. Apple claims in a new filing that it is complying with the order, stating: “The purpose of the filing is not to dictate the commercial terms under which Apple provides access to its platform, but to make information about alternative purchasing options more readily available. , tools and technologies and user base.”

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