Your anonymous OpenTable reviews will soon display your first name

OpenTable’s restaurant pages still have plenty of reviews left by anonymous diners, but starting next month, that won’t be the case. An online restaurant reservation service is changing its policy on reviews so they’re not anonymous — and even retroactively applying the new rule. whom Bleeping Computer It reportedly told users in an email that starting May 22, it “will begin displaying restaurant names and profile pictures in all restaurant reviews.” Additionally, “this update will also apply to past reviews.”

“We’ve heard from you that trust and transparency are important when our listeners view reviews,” the company said in its letter, hinting that it’s changing the way reviews work based on user feedback. whom Bleeping Computer says that based on the user’s name and when the post was made, it will be easy to match a bad review with customer reservation records.

It’s not that bad though Published by Glassdoor having people review their names without their employer’s consent can still be very uncomfortable for people who want to talk about their bad experiences without fear of being sent back to a particular establishment. Certainly, the new rule could ensure that bad reviews have merit, that a customer is legitimately dining at that restaurant, and that any complaints they make are actually worth investigating. But we wouldn’t be surprised if people felt rushed and even betrayed by the decision to apply this upcoming policy to older posts.

Those who do not intend to return to restaurants they particularly dislike can change their name if they wish, but reservations will be made under that name in the future. Users can even change their profile pictures if they want delete their reviews before May 22.

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