You can now listen to Substack podcasts on Spotify

Substack shows are now on Spotify. Partnership Substack allows podcast creators to add Spotify distribution to their apps in just “a few clicks”. The move can then increase the broadcaster’s library downgrades its exclusive podcast ambitions last year in favor of wider distribution, including a non-exclusive contract renewal With noted vaccine enthusiast Joe Rogan.

When listening on Spotify, you’ll see a padlock (or a “Paid” label) next to Substack podcasts. Before you can start listening, you need to link your Substack account.

Some Substack podcasts are free and you can listen to them immediately after connecting your accounts. For paid apps, you’ll still have to search for what’s on Substack before you can hear them on Spotify. (The move is more about expanding Substack’s audience than giving you freebies.) But you don’t need Spotify Premium; you can listen to the same Substack content whether you’re on a free or paid Spotify plan.

Spotify says podcast creators retain full control over their content, subscriber base and revenue. When setting it up, podcast producers must select the option to sync with Spotify in their Creator Account settings. This will make all their current and upcoming shows instantly available on the streaming platform.

The partnership is built on the Spotify Open Access API that publishers love Quiet, EconomistFreakonomics Radio, Patreon, Date NBC and The Wall Street Journal also use it to access the music platform’s listener base. It’s easy to see the appeal of creators: Spotify informed 602 million monthly active users and 236 million premium subscribers at the end of 2023.

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