A four-pack of Chipolo One Bluetooth trackers is on sale for $60 right now

Bluetooth trackers are handy little things that can help you find valuables after they’ve been misplaced. our choice for It’s Chipolo One and the four-pack is at a record low price. Package (usually costs $75). , making it only $15 per follower. Alternatively, you can purchase a single tracker (usually $25).


A four-pack of Chipolo One Bluetooth trackers has dropped to a record low price of $60.

$60 on Amazon

The Chipolo One can’t really measure up to crowd-sourced AirTags or the search network of Chini trackers, so it’s probably not the best option for tracking your luggage while traveling. However, it does more than just help you find things around the house. It has the loudest volume of all the monitors we tested, and there was no lag between pressing a button in the app and hearing the Chipolo One trill.

One is easy to find because it is a colorful plastic disk. It’s pretty durable, too, with an IPX5-rated splash resistance and a two-year battery life (the battery is replaceable). Another feature in one’s favor is that it’s compatible with both iOS and Android, and we found it easy to pair with an iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phone.

What particularly impressed us was his departure warning. Once you’re about 350 feet away from the tracker, you’ll get an alert on your phone asking if you’ve left an item somewhere. Through your Maps app, Chipolo can take you to the last location of Someone’s contact with your phone. Of course, once you’re nearby, you can call a tracker to help you find it.

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