Shure’s MV7+ USB/XLR mic has a customizable LED panel and built-in audio tools

Shure MV7 microphone has been a solid option for podcasts and broadcasters since its introduction in 2020. With this, the company introduced the first microphone with both USB and XLR connections. This hybrid setup offers easy connection to a computer or more powerful recording setups when needed. It’s also $150 less than the performance SM7B you see in Shure’s professional podcast videos. Now the company is back With the new version of MV7, It was called MV7+with a “brighter design” and a number of software features aimed at improving sound before any editing workflow begins.

The most noticeable change is the new multi-color LED touch panel. Shure says this component is fully customizable with over 16.8 million colors for a visual indication of your sound levels. You can also choose “ambient pulse effect”. Plus, touching the LED panel mutes the MV7+ when you need to cough, sneeze, or clear your throat.

In what Shure calls a “Real-time Denoiser,” the MV7+ uses digital signal processing (DSP) to eliminate background distractions. The company says this works alongside the microphone’s noise isolation to deliver excellent sound in noisy scenarios. The MV7+ also has a Digital Popper Stopper to combat the dreaded explosives, but this mic does so without a filter that won’t show up on your live stream.

Shure says it has improved the Auto Level mode on the MV7+, a feature that makes gain adjustments based on distance, volume and room characteristics to automatically balance the sound profile. There’s also an onboard reverb that offers three settings (Plate, Hall and Studio) before you start tweaking everything in your go-to DAW. Like the MV7, the MV7+ still has hybrid XLR and USB outputs for connecting to mobile devices and laptops, plus a more capable audio mixer. While the previous model had a micro-USB port for both USB-A and USB-C cables, this new model is all USB-C.

With the MV7+, Shure also announces the introduction of MOTIV Mix. In addition to changing the colors of that LED panel, the software provides a five-way mixer with the ability to adjust parameters such as sound signature, gain, and more. There’s also a Soundcheck tool to help with optimal gain setting, and a monitor mix slider provides individual adjustments for microphone output and system audio playback. The company explains that this new Mix app will be available for older microphones like the MV7 and MVX2U, but for now it’s only available in beta for use with the MV7+.

MV7+ available now A black and white version is on the way “in the coming weeks.” Both are $279, which is $30 more than the release MV7. Shure also sells a “podcast kit” that pairs the MV7+ with a basic Gator desktop microphone stand. For $299. If you prefer a more versatile boom stand, this package It’s $339. Whether you buy a stand-alone microphone or one of the kits, a three-meter USB-C to USB-C cable is included in the box.

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