Star Wars Outlaws gets a new trailer and a release date of August 30

Ubisoft released another trailer Star Wars Outlaws, let’s focus on the story this time. The new trailer highlights the various smugglers and thieves you’ll be working with in a galaxy far, far away. The game too thanks to developer Massive Entertainment’s custom Snowdrop engine.

It also looks really fun. You play as a scoundrel named Kay Vess as he tries to earn his freedom by completing various tasks for the denizens of the underworld. The trailer features Jabba the Hutt, Han Solo frozen in carbonite, and all sorts of other blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Easter eggs.

Better than the new trailer? It has an actual release date of August 30th, which is just a few short months away. This release date was first leaked via the Japanese version of the trailer and Spotted by Insider Gamingbut now it has been officially confirmed.

Star Wars Outlaws Set to launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Amazon Luna and PC, pre-orders are available now. The basic version of the game costs $70, although there are special versions that cost extra. These premium packs include cosmetic DLC, art packs and an exclusive mission.

The August release date means that fans will be able to play it straight away after finishing it on Disney+. Let’s hear it for shared universes!

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