Waymo’s self-driving vehicles are now doing Uber Eats deliveries in Phoenix

If you’re in the Metro Phoenix area and don’t mind leaving your place to get your food delivered, your Uber Eats order can just be delivered by one of Waymo’s self-driving cars. There are companies started official activity It’s another part of their ongoing multi-year partnership, including offering ride-hailing robotaxi rides to area ride-hailing customers. When you place an order on Uber Eats, you’ll get a notification saying “self-driving cars may deliver your order.”

If a Waymo car picks up your order, you’ll be notified, and you’ll need to take your phone with you so you can open the trunk and get your food when you meet it. Don’t worry, if you don’t intend to go out and get your order and want someone to deliver the food to your door, you can opt out during the checkout process.

Currently, Waymo deliveries are only available in Chandler, Tempe and Mesa and only at select merchants, including local joints and chains like Princess Pita and BoSa Donuts. This was reported by the spokesperson of Uber CNBC, although companies want to expand their service areas and add more merchants to their list. They also told the news organization that Waymo will use Jaguar I-PACE electric vehicles. has been tested in Arizona for years, for delivery. You’ll only have to pay standard rates and won’t be charged for tips, as Waymo deliveries will also cost more, the spokesperson said.

The companies announced that they were the first join Offering robotaxi rides and deliveries in Phoenix last year after Waymo expanded its service area in the region. Driving a robot taxi became available In the metropolitan area through October, and you’ll get the option to hail one when you request an UberX, Uber Green, Uber Comfort or Uber Comfort Electric.

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