Some Spotify plans are reportedly getting more expensive soon

Fish swim, birds fly, and streaming services raise prices. this (basically) way of things. After keeping the same prices for Premium for a long time, appears to be established in some countries.

according to Bloomberg, Spotify Premium will cost about $1 more for an individual plan and about $2 more for family and duo plans by the end of April in several markets, including the UK, Australia and Pakistan. The report suggests the US is on track for similar growth later this year.

Higher fees are expected to offset the costs of audiobook offerings. Premium users they could listen to audiobooks for 15 hours a month at no extra charge. The company is said to have seen high levels of audiobook consumption so far.

If users exceed the 15-hour limit, they can pay for a 10-hour charge. Spotify Premium makes more money than its audiobook library. The company also sells audiobooks on its online store.

Spotify has been chasing profitability since going public in 2018, and is said to be developing several more subscription tiers to help it get there. It is reported that one of them (a more expensive option) will be offered a feature the company has long had .

It may also offer a basic tier that includes ad-free music and podcasts with audiobook cuts. This plan is expected to cost $11 per month, while Spotify currently charges for Premium. So, so Spotify, launched last month in the US, is starting to make more sense.

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