X names its third head of safety in less than two years

X appointed a new security chief nearly a year after the last incumbent resigned. The company said on Tuesday that it has Hired Kylie McRoberts as Chief Security Officer and Yale Cohen as Head of Brand Safety and Advertiser Solutions.

The two will have the unenviable task of leading X’s security efforts, including efforts to convince advertisers that the platform doesn’t make money. or . The company announced its plans earlier this year Then 100 new security guards most of the security personnel.

After Elon Musk took over the company formerly known as Twitter, the head of security was in a particularly difficult position. Musk has clashed with security leaders before, and McRoberts is the third person to hold that title in less than two years. Formerly Yoel Roth In 2022, shortly after the disastrous release of Twitter Blue. Roth was replaced by Ella Irwin. Last year, after Musk publicly criticized employees for implementing misogynistic policies.

Not much is known about McRoberts, but he is apparently a current member of X’s security team (his X account is currently private and appears to have been recently deleted). “During his tenure at X, he led initiatives to increase transparency in our moderation practices through tags, improve security with toggle switches, as well as build our new Perfect Security Center of Excellence in Austin,” X said.

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